Secure CopyrightCoins Offering (SCO)
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Music is evergreen investments with great earnings potential. Typically, a songwriter's catalog that contains hit records is worth 10 times its net publishing share (NPS). In a digital market, songwriters are routinely seeing multiples of 10 to 12 times NPS and, in some cases, a multiple of up to 16 for their Copyrights. Learn More Traditionally Songwriters had to wait up to 3 years for royalties to clear. With New Internet Media (NIM) technologies the time to clear royalties is reduced to less than 3 minutes and owners of Copyrights will always "Get more money, faster..."
To acquire exclusive administration rights for content, advances are back in the content business.
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Advances are recouped faster and CopyrightCoins are stable. Investments in Secure CopyrightCoins Offering (SCO) are always backed by the flow of royalties. CopyrightCoins (CCIM) are also optimized and stabilized through the flow of royalties. This means that in the best case a ovee 100% ROI can be given with less than 25% of invested capital at risk. Learn More

Slide Secure CopyrightCoins Offering Secure CopyrightCoins Offering (SCO) is a way to reintroduce advances in the content industries, starting with music. Copyright Coins All royalties are secured and transferred with
CopyrightCoins - the currency of royalties.
25 b Issued 24 b in escrow 700 m Content owners 300 m Available Learn More