The story so far...

In 2006 Thor called it (when first defined) “The digital clearing house” – today it’s called New Internet Media – NIM ( We have been building the services since 2010 and after launching the first prototype 21st December 2014 we have now gone commercial in several areas of copyrighted content with a focus on news and books.

It’s now time for the music industry.

The music industry continues to grapple with the world of digital commerce and appears to be struggling to make sense of it. ….

It is extremely difficult for composers and songwriters to make a living. Old industry conventions, based on the monetising of performing and mechanical rights have remained unchanged for many decades. In the online world, there is a massive creative workforce writing and producing pop recordings for the new global audience for whom these old business models simply DO NOT WORK.

NIM can provide a simple and direct route to the online market thereby maximising the income due to music right owners.

We have successfully defined and carried out trials for integrating the existing back catalogues in our services.
By eliminating the middlemen and collecting societies in addition to reducing transaction fees payments to right owners will increase royalties payment several times and time to pay decrease from up to 3 years to around 3 minutes.

Securing more money, faster?—?for the owners of copyright.

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