More money, faster...

To acquire exclusive administration rights for content, advances are back in the content business. The Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA) has issued 24.7 billion CCIM that all are pegged for paying advances to Copyright Owners with 700 million already available.

SCO is also offering advances in Euro or any combination of CCIM and Euro.

Advances will be offered according to the level of security in the royalty  flow created by  the content , Just like the old days,  the more popular the content the faster the advance is recouped.

For instance, a high-performance catalogue might be producing an average streaming revenue of 1m Euro per annum over ten years. We might in this case, offer an advance of 5m CopyrightCoins and 5m Euro (or any combination thereof) to secure exclusive administration. Of course, in the context of Internet music’s promise of “MORE MONEY FASTER”, recoupment is likely to take place much faster than the ten year period covered by the advance.


Notwithstanding that CCIM is a stable cryptocurrency, It will be subject to rises and falls in exchange-rate-value as the public market dictates. However, Copyright owners and creators who assign their online rights to Internet Music in exchange for CopyrightCoins will always enjoy a minimum exchange rate guarantee of 1:1 parity CCIM/Euros

Should the Market exchange rate for CCIM exceed the guaranteed minimum, recoupment can take place even faster or the copyright owner can take a profit on the CCIM advance paid. Normally this administration can be done through one of our white label partners.